Enneagram Test - Anyone had to take one of these?

I always see STFU next to my name when:

  • people are taking notes at work
  • In E10Help or EUG replies
  • or talking technology with my wife

Can’t find that it anywhere on those tests…oh wait, Urban Dictionary has an entry here…oh…ohhhhhh


Shares That Fundamental Useful (knowledge)


You’re from the midwest no one could handle your personality test


@ckrusen, they address that when you start the test.

I’ve taken it, nothing to be afraid of. Will likely give you some things useful to how you can improve and how to better interact with other personality types. Was more useful to me (and I’m definitely not HR!) than Myers-Briggs etc ever were.

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LOL!! ESPECIALLY not for us IT folks! :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

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When managing Engineers its best to challenge them. Right up to and including telling them they probably can’t do it. Especially in front of other engineers.

If an engineer gives you push back, say something like, “Never mind… I’ll ask Bob to do it. He knows how to solve problems…” Just make sure you’re not between the engineer and that task, as they’ll run you over trying to get to it to solve it.