Ep Binding SearchDesc: what's it do? Is it related to Predictive Search?

I have no idea what this used for, googling it and searching help came up empty, yet it seems like it might be pretty fundamental?

Maybe it is a way to link a field to a predictive search… [UPDATE: NO!] that’s something else I haven’t got my head around. ie You can right click on a field which will take you to Predictive Search Maintenance, where you can setup multiple named predictive searches with associated BAQs driving them… but how does any one of these get associated with the text box that you right-clicked from?

Probably got my wires completely crossed here… UPDATE: yes see my reply on Predictive Search below

Think I can see where it gets the predictive search association from now

…so my main question remains, what is EP Binding SearchDesc?

Sounds like a description field to me. I could be off base though.

Where do you see this?

(almost) everywhere in application studio under Data , beneath EPBinding. And while I’m at it, i’m not clear on “Key Field” either


I think Key Field is the same as in classic, it’s a flag to let Epicor know how to enable/disable controls.
I’m not exactly clear how it all works.

Here is it’s description:

Binding for the Description element added to display a search with an additional description element.

That’s so clear…

… and now I understand predictive search, it actually rocks :star_struck:

The plot thickens.

When I set Ep Binding SearchDesc it to something, a label appears beside the search box.

And if you scroll down in properties, you’ll see “LabelText SearchDesc”
It has a description of

Caption for the Description element. Use with the epBindingSearchDesc to set a custom label for the description element.

Anyone else ? We must KNOW!