Epcior 9 to 10 question

We are planning to move to Epicor 10 in 2017 form 9.05.702A. We have a lot of customizaton writter in C#. Does this have to be converted to VB? I was thinking 10 didn’t use one of these (C# or VB).


Actually you are where you want to be with C# and not VB

You will also have to look to see if you have any custom ABL code in
queries and will have to look at mapping your current UD fields. Most of
them (UD Character 01, UDDate01, etc) should come over in the conversion

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I didn’t have to convert many of my C# customizations. There were just some of the “usings” that had to change. That part was actually semi-painless :smiley:


yeah, depending on how elaborate you get you may not have to change anything. BO calls are a bit different as the connection strings are changed as well as UD table issues. But even then, VB still works though not recommended. Overall it was far less painful that converting ABL code.