Epcior Manifest Pro Numbers

We are setting up our carriers and for non UPS and FedEx carriers and we have requested blocks of pro numbers from several carriers. As we are putting the data into the system, we find 4 “Standard” check digit formulas are available, but we cannot find what the actual formula actually is for each of the choices. Further, is there a way to add to this list? We are running the newest version ( So far, we have 2 carriers using an 8 digit base, but each use different formulas. I’ve searched the help file and cannot find any further detail.

Thank you,

Did you ever receive an answer on this? We are facing a similar issue where one of our carriers uses a 7 digit check formula that is not accommodated.

Unfortunately, no. We opted to move forward with UPS and FedEx only and leave the LTL carriers for the future.