Epicare questions

So for most service calls that I put in, I usually get some referral to an SCR number.

Am I supposed to be able to look up an SCR number and see that somewhere? Or are they just saying that something is in the works? If I’m not supposed to be able to follow the SCR why do they bother putting this number in? Does this search function have to be turned on somehow?

I’ve got a service guy sending me a screen shot of where to search for it, but that doesn’t show up when I log in to Epicare. Then he just sends me some stupid FAQ about how to log into Epicare, which I can obviously do since the initial contact was about feedback on a survey from an earlier Epicare case.


Below is the screen shot of what my Epicare screen looks like. If someone can show me where I am supposed to click to find an SCR, that would be greeeeaaat.

I use this link and I am not sure if there is a new way to look them up yet.


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Usually the SCR fix file will be attached directly to the case. If you click on the open cases, do you see the SCR attached to it as an attachment? If not, you can ask the support analyst to send you the SCR unless it is still in development in a future version.

So if I use that link and search “SCR” I get this. Is that all you can see is the short snippet provided?

And if I search for the SCR number referenced I get this.

So from what I hear, is it safe to assume that SCR numbers are pretty just for service internal use only?

That is pretty accurate, as far as I know. You get a teaser but that is about it.