Epiccare survey

If anybody else got the epiccare survey request, I wanted to list some of the feedback I gave. If you agree with any of it maybe you can include similar points in your feedback.

  • Image formatting within the case is difficult (takes up entire page, hard to type around it)
  • Can’t drag/drop attachments in the case
  • Lack of search options in the KB - want to be able to use advanced search terms and filter the results to identify relevant information
  • Lack of search options in the Problem repository - would like to be able to search for bugs by version, module, screen, etc like the old SCR system
  • Would like to see a published release calendar FOR ON PREMISE CUSTOMERS. Yes cloud customers can see when the dot releases are coming out but the rest of us cannot (i.e. if I’m waiting for a fix).

I see you have changed your icon!

I’d be glad to list some of those things.

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Oh that’s really good. I can know the PRB number and still not find it in their search. Often it is only if I have a link in the case can I get to them.

I added my .03 cents:
.01: 3 fixed column layout is terrible. In-line images in posts have illegible text since ServiceNow rescales them to fit the column, but you can’t widen it. Or click on the picture to expand it (you can open image in a new tab, though).

.02: Topics/Assets/Modules need to have the dropdowns get re-organized. Let us search and have it pre-fill the full path. It’s often not intuitive where to find the topics. I swear every time I need to look through the list to find something that doesn’t exist (Cash? Avalara? And then you go down the Ice Tools or Technical track)… Why not follow the menu structure? At least that way we get to it… And allow full search through the sub-trees.

I had a third one, but I forget now. I was on a roll! :slight_smile:

I think the PRB’s are restricted. I can’t find most either, unless they are linked to one of my cases. I’ve also heard that you won’t see the PRB until Dev accepts it, but we should still see the others when we search.

One time a support person told me he couldn’t see an image I put in the text editor; only if it was an attachment.

Curious if he was ignorant (don’t think so), deliberately making my life difficult (maybe), or right, and if it’s been fixed since then.

Plenty of PRBs are visible. If you just go to the repository and sort by updated date, you can read through dozens (hundreds) of recent bugs that are accepted and in some status of being fixed. I think when you can’t see them is because they aren’t accepted yet - support is still working through the process with the customer and development. My issue is that there are many times I report an issue only to be told there is already an existing prb for it. Too bad I couldn’t find that out myself since the repository is essentially unsearchable.

I also noted that the nested dropdowns that we’re required to fill out before submitting a case can be cumbersome and I often struggle to find the “least-worst” option that seems to fit my situation. It would be nice to have a simpler set of options and then have someone knowledgeable on Epicor’s end perform triage/routing.


Yeah I agree with the point about the dropdowns being confusing and difficult to navigate, I should have mentioned that. I don’t think they can align it with the menu structure because its based on licensing which doesn’t line up with the menus either. But surely there is some way to streamline it.

Bitter Irony. The survey just had a wee little field to fill out suggestions and I agreed with yours and pasted much in, only for the page to hang and then upon save push me out. IDK if it ever was submitted… I guess they only want 40 character suggestion or something :weary:

I also felt the irony. I didn’t paste but typed and did not run out of space but also could not see what I was typing so who knows what I actually ended up submitting I was trying to hold back from saying anything about it in case it would ignite a new dumpster fire. I’ll just say, the design of the survey definitely sent a very strong message about how Epicor values UI/UX/CX (or doesn’t).

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I also mentioned that the PRB page was pretty worthless. If you inquire on a PRB, no one ever responds - I have to put up a new case to get a follow up on a PRB. There are never understandable status updates. Also, if something shows as completed, especially something you are waiting for, it does not show when it will be released, or what version/patch.

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Totally agree. There is nothing that is more frustrating than to receive that blurb on my case that they are closing my case since I can get updates from the PRB going forward. Such a joke. I didn’t put that feedback in the EpicCare survey since they were asking about the site and that seems like more of a process issue.