EpiCombo field stripped during conversion from 10.0 to 10.2.300

We had a simple Part form screen customization with an EpiCombo field that had a list of possible entries embedded. After the conversion, this field and it’s label are no longer in the customization.

There is a comment on the Customization screen stating

[ConversionAdmin 12/1/2018 2:47 AM]
Moved data from XXXChunk to XXXDef.Content

Hadn’t seen this before, is this normal during a conversion?

@MikeLowe - Did you figure out any more about this?

We have the same message on our 10.0 customizations that I see in our 10.2.300.7 test environment. They didn’t appear on the upgrade from 10.0.700.4 to 10.2.200.x test environment, though… I had fixed all the screen overlaps in 10.2.200 and planned importing/verifying those UI XML files for our .300 GoLive, but am now questioning if more has changed and I really need to re-do them from scratch…

You should be fine @askulte I am just wrapping up a 10.2.300 upgrade. Some screens like the Quote Entry have drastic UI Layout Changes. But overall, its been solid, despite the annoying Cosmetic Warnings.

@MikeLowe Perhaps its overlapped, you possibly had it in a spot and Epicor decided to take over that spot. If you go into Customization Mode, you should be able to find it in the Properties and figure out where its hiding.

Also if you named your combo lets say cmbEmail and Epicor decided to add a new field named cmbEmail, you should get a compilation error / warning, you can fix that by exporting the XML, modifying your field name via notepad and re-importing the Customization XML (That is IF YOU Have such Warning) :slight_smile:

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Epicor confirmed this is an issue and have created problem record PRB0208795 that has been accepted by development. The overlap issue wasn’t nearly as concerning to me as the fact that in the customization, the epicocombo field isn’t visible…meaning you don’t even see the field as being created. But if you view the XML it’s listed there. I’ll be manually deleting these fields using the XML Editor at the direction of support. Then, I’ll re-add the them back to the form.