Epicor 10.2 Error

Has anyone had the error Supplier Number must be unique in Epicor 10.2? We have been dealing with EpicCare for over a month on this error. Any thoughts?

could you please explain more the situation?

Usually that means that the Supplier Number you are trying to create already exists.


is the error regarding “Supplier NUMBER” (Vendor.VendNum) or “Supplier ID” (Vendor.VendorID) - there are two fields on the supplier table. Normally users do not see the supplier NUMBER unless they are creating a BAQ. The Vendor.VendNum is an auto-assigned integer number value… the Vendor.VendorID is manually entered (normally unless you have written an auto-assign BPM).

This is occurring during an invoice entry for a PO. It is sporadic. Our end user gets it when she goes to save. But it doesn’t always happen. She can go days between when the error occurs. I’m just trying to see if anyone else has gotten this error.