Epicor 10 customization UD binded field editable

I am having one scenario, I have a UD fields on JobMtl table and I want to use those fields on JobEntry.MaterialDetails form. This form is opened from AP Invoice while adding job misc charges. The problem here is that most of the fields on this form is disabled(read only) and hence my UD fields are also read only. I tried to make those fields from customization editable but I am unable to do it. Is there a easy way to make those fields editable?

Are they not editable because the job is engineered? If the jobs are not engineered, you may be able to address this in a customization.

If the issue is because the jobs are engineered, it gets more tricky.
One option is to add a custom textbox and when users change this, un-engineer the job, update the real field and then re-engineer the job. This is usually not an option because the re-engineering has impact on reporting and such.
Another option is to shift the UD fields to a UD table and manage the relationship.

Hi Adam,

It is not because the job is not engineered or released it is because Epicor only allows specific fields from that table as editable. It is just like Invoice tracker, there you cannot edit all fields but you can edit 2-3 fields.
For this issue, yes I did the same way, added custom fields on the screen and then I managed to do what was required on the screen.
Thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:

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