Epicor 10 edi import process question

I recently ran into an issue I had not seen before when importing a text file with edi data into epicor. We have one PO with multiple part numbers and each has its own line number and releases. I noticed my log file showed successful creation of the releases and no errors were present in the demand workbench. In demand entry however several of the releases were rejected by the system for reasons that were not apparent. On one of the part numbers it re-opened closed releases and changed dates to match current demand so that in the sales order it appeared the demand had populated correctly however because the releases were shipped previously at the same quantities, no demand pulled through to job manager nor did mrp see it. I find myself having to manually update orders like these and it is time consuming and frustrating at times. If you close the order - the upload just reopens it. Has anyone encountered any issues like these and found a work around?