Epicor 10 Mass Receipt Customization - GRN Progress

hello all,

I had developed small customization in Receipt Entry > Mass Receipt Screen, where I enter the percentage of progress it will calculate our qty depend on the line order qty, logic works fines through DataView looping, problem is when the last row update the our qty value & comes out of loop it is updating the first row with last row our qty value , i am wondering what i am doing wrong kindly help me ? @josecgomez @cfinley @ckrusen @Chad_Smith @pmleaman

Since it looks like you are new here, Iā€™d like to suggest refraining from ā€œ@ingā€ people when making a new post. People will stop by when they have free time and if they would like to help, as I did on your last post.

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Apologize for @ing . Noted for Future Post.