Epicor 10 Product Groups for multi Sites

I am in need of some help. We have a very specific need and I would like to know if E10 can accomplish this. We are a multi-site company. We have site A and site B. Sometimes Site B sells items that are located at Site A, but Site A is credited for this sale since the product group’s GL is set for Site A. What is the best way in E10 for this transaction to hit Site’s B accounts. We need to track each sites sells separately. E10 is not able to have separate GL accounts per site per product group. Any insight on how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated.

Epicor will flex the Sales/COGS Accounts based on the site that the product is SHIPPED from (not where it is sold from). When you define your SITE, you can apply a flexing division to that site, and the product group will automatically flex when you ship.
But if you want to sell from site A, but ship from site B and give site A the sales credit, we don’t do that out of the box.
One “trick” is to also apply the Sales CATEGORY on the sales order (see the bottom of the Order Detail screen). The category can cause a “flexing” of the “department” portion of the COGS/SALES account. I have seen this used to further define the GL. In your case, you could create categories (SiteA and SiteB) and then you might have something similar to what you want.
Another trick is to create two different product groups, one for each site. One the sales order at the bottom of the detail screen, you can also change the product group that will get credit for the order. if you did this, and if you do NOT have the flexing turned on for the site, then you would accomplish what you want. but again, this would not work if you have Division flexed by site.



Thank you for this! I will be testing this out