Epicor 10 screen will dim (see attached)

Anyone face this problem. The screen become dim suddenly during operation.
Version 10.2.500.6

To solve this problem, I need to log out and log in again.

Is it purely visual or is everything disabled?

Can you post what it looks like before it dims?

The function can still work. But user may have a mind set all function are disable when screen are dim.

This is the screen in normal status.

So in both of the following, the menu item boxed in green is enable, and the ones boxed in red are disabled?



Are previously opened E10 windows affected? Like If Part entry was open (and appeared normal), then AP Invoice Entry is opened and appears dim, is the Part Entry window affected?

Are any themes applied?

And I have to ask … Are non-E10 program windows affected?

Never mind on that last question. I see that the text in the window’s title bar remains unchanged
(“AP Invoice Entry” and “AR Invoice Entry”)

image --> image

But the UI items (menubar, menu items, form controls, etc …) are affected.

I did not apply any theme.
You can see my 1st post. It’s not only the screen I open AR Invoice Entry is dimmed. The core menu at the background will dim also.