Epicor 10.?

About to start migration from E9.05.702A to E10.

I’d like to hear ideas of which version is considered the most stable.

10.1.400.17 is very stAble for us

Chris ‘Rhyno’ Wineinger

10.1 latest release is what I would recommend. They fixed a lot of stuff in 10.1 and the by weekly releases gradually improve on it

We are working in 10.1.400.17 and it seems fairly stable.

thank you for replies.

Different subject. I like the new forum platform.

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Are you coming from Progress or SQL?

Sorry @MiguelS, I missed your reply. I am using SQL

As @josecgomez.trigemco mentions, the incremental approach Epicor now follows means that the latest version is generally the most stable (or they fix pretty quick if something goes sideways for a group of users). This is a big change for anyone who remembers the ERP 9.05.6xx series of patches.

The other thing to consider is Epicor’s certification of the Windows Server/SQL combination. For 10.1.500.x, Epicor has added Windows Server 2012 R2/SQL Server 2016 as a certified combination (and still keeps Windows Server 2008 R2/SQL Server 2008 around).

If you’re migrating, then consider testing 10.1.500.7 that is now GA.

It’s good to hear some positive responses on the stability aspect and the acceptance of the ‘Fast Ring’ rolling patches. I don’t hear too many complaints but I am rather buried in the bowels of ICE so wouldn’t. My team put a ton of tooling into the stability checking and analysis tools so glad they are making a difference.

Thank you for all of your responses. I am starting the test migration now. Running into a few problems with the Migration crashing in the UpgradeDB ERP10.1.200.0 area due to ICE. I am testing again to see if it is a fluke, if not I’ll start a new post.

Did you run your data scrubbers?

I did.
I’ll post my error on here when (or if) I get it again.

Migration is working, so far .

I am curious. What db size and elapsed time to migrate? I love hearing real world experiences on some of these things.

I just did one yesterday from 9.05.702A to 10.1.400.22 exactly 2 hours and 48 minutes for migration. 100GB DB size. Not including App Server, just the DB Migration Portion

10.1.400.11 to 10.1.500.7 94gb was a little over two hours for me

Can you share the before and after DB size in that example? one I did about a year ago reduced the overall DB size by close to 40% during the upgrade

100GB 9.05 went to 56 GB

I did have the error again and I started a new topic, “Migration error UpdateCNVProgs.sql on ERP1.01.200.0”

What was the hardware?