Epicor 9.05.601A on Citrix

I meant Epicor 9.05 and my apologies for the horrible typo on "Vantage" in
the first place.

On Tue, May 31, 2011 at 1:49 PM, Techno Babbler <technobabbly@...>wrote:

> I am just wondering if anyone out there is running on Citrix and currently
> has or in the past has gotten "Load Report Failed" errors or "Unknown
> Database Conector Error; Error in File
> C:\Documen~1\username\Locals~1\temp\1\tmp10
> (120973098DOIUHJQWD9802-OIUHD8128H-DQWD).RPT
> I am suspecting that this type of error has something to do with the way
> Citrix is setup or the way it uses temp files in the process.
> The actual report XML files are getting created correctly and if I go into
> the System Monitor I can see the reports there, there is a "system error
> occured" message but then I can click on the report, click print preview or
> print and the report shows up just fine or prints just fine like it should
> have in the first place.
> This makes me think it is not an actual epicor problem, and instead would
> mean it is a citrix problem instead.
> Any ideas or information or experiences would be great.

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