Epicor 9.05.700 MES query regarding indirect activities


I have 2 queries regarding MES indirect activities on E9.05.700.

Query 1: Is it possible to have 2 indirect activities on the go for 1 employee at the same time…at first glance, it would appear not as once one has started the option to start another is greyed out.

Query 2 When i start an indirect activity i can select a Resource Group…however i cannot actually select a resourcegroupid…what it appears to do is always default the resourcegroupid to the first one that was created within the group…so if you have a resource group with 5 IDs within it…it will always return the top one back to the line in the MES screen.
I cant seem to select the 4th resource id for eg.

Any help would be much appreciated.
NOTE on query 2…epicor have told me this is fixed in 10.1!!

Thanks in advance.