Epicor 9 - AppServer or Database not licensed for container

Hello Guys,
need help on this issue urgently. we copy live app server and database server into another isolated environment.
in the isolated environment, it has domain controller and domain login is ok. but when we open the app server, we got AppServer or Database not licensed for container. do you know how to fix that.
also, in epicor 9, when app server verify license, does it need internet because currently the isolated environment has no internet but only intranet available.



I can’t help with your particular case, but I’ve avoided these types of issues when possible by copying the entire OS and DC to another isolated environment.

Might be something to consider.

yes, we copied entire DC and OS.



Is it a VM? Or Physical ?

If it’s a VM, you need to keep the hardware ID.

If it’s physical you might have more issues.

Hello Kevin,
it is VM. what is hardware ID, is it dns name?



No. Different VM hosts call it slightly different names sometimes, but it is a UUID to the OS.

In hyper-v, when you import it should give you some options to keep or generate new.

Don’t know if this helps but we created a VMware VM from our Physical Epicor server (OS, app servers, and db on same machine) and bring it up without network or internet connection and it runs fine (we use it for a “TEST” environment).