Epicor 9 Base POForm

Looking for the base Epicor 9 POForm rpt file. Does anyone have a copy of it that they could get me? DM me.

I have a Copy of Epicor 9 POForm. How should I send it?

Another user had sent me a copy via DM thank you though @randallweber.

For anyone wondering, why on earth would he need this it was because I was editing an old report we have that we still use on 10.2.600 and found a strange formula field. I was hoping it was something that was left in place as a joke from Epicor employees or something, but apparently it’s something we (me lol) was jacking around with at some point???


I honestly ya’ll have no idea LOL

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Dude hahahaaha

Sounds like the knock off successor to Goat Simulator


Say it’s time to upgrade to SSRS Vic…. :joy:

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So they can replace that too? No way man I’m not putting an oz of time into report re-writing until the bitter end.