Epicor 9 Can't delete job - too many characters in job name - How to fix?

Epicor 9 let us “create” a job and save it but it has too many characters and throws an error if we try and delete it. Is there an easy way to close/delete this job?

Can you do other things with the job, like edit it or close it?

do you find it possible to "customize’ the job entry screen so that you CAn enter the larger job number and then delete it. you can throw the code away when youre done

There is an progress .r fix file for forcing jobs closed. Epicor support provide it

Hi Mark, yes we have that progress file and would like to use it. Unfortunately, it won’t let us enter the while job number that’s causing the problem because it only allows for 14 characters to be entered but the job in question is 15 characters.