Epicor 9 Custom Form issues Crystal

We have modified our Sales Order form.  My Header comments print on the first page and it are large will contiue to the second page.  My issue is if the comments don't need to exend to the second page it will duplicate to the second page.  I have the field formated under the common tab as suppress if duplicate and Can grow.  I have the section expert formated for that group head to suppress (no drill-down) and in formula PageNumber >1.
My issue seems to be between the can grow and PageNumber >1.  If I take the PageNumber >1 out it stops dulpicating but then if the comments need to go to page two it stops growing.  Do I need to put the PageNumber >1 in the field formula in common tab by the Can grow check box.
I am at a loss how to fix this.
Thanks Kim