EPICOR 9 customise standard quoteform report

Im trying to customise standard quoteform report.
I need to add two tables: pcinvalue and pcinputs
In Data Report Maintenance I have added my tables
And now I need to crate relationships.
My first is QuoteDtl to Pcinvalue with relationship fields like:
Company to company
QuoteNum to QuoteNum
QuoteLine to QuoteLine

Second relationship is between Pcinvalue and Pcinputs (I need Tab order field on my report)
Relationship fields:
Company to company
Partnum to partnum
Partnumrevision to partnumrevision
Inputname to inputname

And now:
If I had on my quote only one line I can generate new crystal report form - everything is ok
If I add on my quote second line I got error msg:
Failed to enable constraints. One or more rows contain values
violating non-null, unique, or foreign-key constraints.

There is sth wrong with relationships in Data Report Maintenance - no idea what's wrong :(

From this query I can get data.

SELECT quotedtl.quotenum, quotedtl.quoteline, quotedtl.partnum, quotedtl.custnum, pcinvalue.inputname, pcinvalue.inputvalue, pcinvalue.inputprice,
pcinputs.taborder, salesrep.name, salesrep.emailaddress, customer.name AS Expr1, customer.address1, customer.zip, customer.city
quotehed ON company.company = quotehed.company INNER JOIN
quotedtl ON quotehed.company = quotedtl.company AND quotehed.quotenum = quotedtl.quotenum INNER JOIN
quoteqty ON quotedtl.company = quoteqty.company AND quotedtl.quotenum = quoteqty.quotenum AND
quotedtl.quoteline = quoteqty.quoteline INNER JOIN
pcinvalue ON quoteqty.company = pcinvalue.company AND quoteqty.quotenum = pcinvalue.quotenum AND
quoteqty.quoteline = pcinvalue.quoteline INNER JOIN
pcinputs ON pcinvalue.company = pcinputs.company AND pcinvalue.partnum = pcinputs.partnum AND
pcinvalue.revisionnum = pcinputs.revisionnum AND pcinvalue.inputname = pcinputs.inputname INNER JOIN
qsalesrp ON quotehed.company = qsalesrp.company AND quotehed.quotenum = qsalesrp.quotenum INNER JOIN
salesrep ON qsalesrp.company = salesrep.company AND qsalesrp.salesrepcode = salesrep.salesrepcode INNER JOIN
customer ON quotehed.company = customer.company AND quotehed.custnum = customer.custnum
WHERE (quotedtl.quotenum = '10666')
ORDER BY quotedtl.quoteline, pcinputs.taborder

best regards