Epicor 9 - Sales Analysis report issue

Version 9.04.506B - I ran a Sales Analysis report for Net Price and received data that did not match the Invoice Tracker or the Sales Order for one particular invoice. I am now conercerned that I have to audit this report each time I run it. Has anyone had any issues with this report in Epicor 9?
I have done some investigation and found this started with a Quote and the two lines on the Invoice for the same Part Number reference the same quote line #1. The Order Qty = (0)on the Quote, while the Expected Qty = (10), The Price used on the Sales Analysis report is the price for (10) on the quote, even though we only shipped (5). The price for (5) is what was used on the Invoice and posted to the G/L.
I have called this into Support and awaiting a reply.


Stephen Schaefer