Epicor After Adapter Method

Used a BPM method directive to default the checkbox. No need to waste your time via a C# customization.

I am trying to have a checkbox checked to true when the BO 'GetNewPart' executes. The issue is that the checkbox always gets over written even if I set it to true. I also tried setting it via the data set but it says "Index -1 is either negative or above rows count" . Tracing the dataset, I see the data.  Below is my code.

 private  void oTrans_adapter_AfterAdapterMethod(object sender, AfterAdapterMethodArgs args)
      switch (args.MethodName)
      case "GetNewPart":
                   EpiMessageBox.Show("Please do check the FAI check box on the Triumph Tab.");
                   myCheck.Checked = true;
                   epiCheckBoxC2.Checked = true;
                   edvPart.dataView[0]["CheckBox03"] = 1;