Epicor and Quality Management System (QMS)

We are in the process of searching for a replacement for our current QMS software. Epicor’s strategy while somewhat confusing is heavily reliant on IQS, a 3rd party company that has developed integrations with Epicor as well as other ERP systems. I have been trying to get more information on functionality and have not had a lot of success and since I purchased Epicor direct 20+ years ago we can not use a 3rd party to assist (facilitate) our review of IQS.

Has anyone successfully implemented a different QMS product with Epicor? We are on 10.1 but plan to move to 10.2.300 after the first of the year. We are an AS9100D certified company. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. If you do use IQS and would be willing to discuss your opinions please feel free to reach out to me direct.



Hi Keith,

Did you ever get any feedback on this topic or have you gone ahead and are now using IQS? I am looking for feedback on IQS and its functionality within E10. Any help would be gratefully received.

Best regards, David

Currently installed IQS and E10.2.200 on prem. Installed the Service Connect bridge, IQS non-functional, say that the bridging interface is not able to work with E10.2.200, expecting interface in August. Meanwhile we are moving to E10.2.400 and it looks like IQS will again go through the same problems. We are attempting to get IQS to a stand-alone position to at least try to fet some functionality out of it but so far the amount of customizations to get it functional have been cost-prohibitive. We regret the decision to invest in the IQS product for a variety of reasons:

Does not integrate to E10.2.200 or .400
Standard functionality is pretty sparse, customizations to make functional are expensive
Not a lot of knowledgeable Consultants available for training
Documentation is thin
Licensing is confusing, named seats and very expensive per seat. We use a lot of in-process Epicor inspectors but it appears that our limited licenses will not allow our E10 licensed users to access IQS.

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Hi David, see the assessment I left regarding the IQS situation with our E10.2.200 Instance.

Thank you Robert,

I had a feeling from the demonstration I was given that this was the case, there seems to be so little information available and alarm bells were ringing!

If you want more details on the issues, call me at 603-315-9083. I am in Eastern time.

Regards, Bob Carlson

We are looking at possibly purchasing this from Epicor. Do you mind if I give you a call to discuss how you used IQS and how it integrated with Epicor?

Hi Rebecca,

Sure thing, it is an interesting story.

I’m in Mexico until the 18th, then back in the US. In MX, the phone service is spotty but give me a call.