Epicor App Server log error Part Not Found

We are updating our applications to use REST services instead of the BO’s. I have deployed several projects and am seeing errors in the app server logs. The error is Part Not Found. What I want to know is why is this an error for iis. I don’t see any other errors for the other REST services I am using (i.e. Order Not found, etc…)


It just saying when a GetByID was run, no record was found. This can happen if you are looking in the wrong company.

On an unrelated note, there is an enhancement to change the error level of “record not found” messages from error to informational because it isn’t really a sign of an issue–just that a lookup was executed and it couldn’t find what was being asked of it.

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No way Nathan, thats super related! (And great news)

That’s the info I was looking for.

Thanks Nathan.