Epicor Attachments from Preexisting Docstar File

I’m aware of how to create attachments in E10 had have them saved to ECM and versioned if it already exists. What if I am creating, for example, a new part and want to attach a drawing that is already in ECM, is there a way to do this?

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Hey @jmohorcic ! Welcome and good question for your first post. I can see two ways to do this, both fairly simple, but only one that a user could do on their own.

For the user, if they have access and security rights, they could extract the document from ECM, delete it in ECM, and then reattach in Epicor. It’s a circle but it’s clean and uses the systems as intended.

For the admin, you could create a workflow that does the work for you, including revisions. All of my workflows test a ‘new’ document to see if it came from Epicor (already has a TableSysRowID) or is being imported directly into ECM and then needs to be attached back to Epicor. I wrote them this way to allow me to have only one workflow per Content Type, but it would take care of every input method and ensure the document ended up where I wanted it.

As long as the document has metadata that can distinguish it to be linked with the new Part’s metadata then I think that would be fairly simple. You may have to add the filename to the new Part in Epicor (pick a unused field) and the workflow could use a datalink to get the filename and link it up. Or you could use other data elements the same way just as long as you can ‘link’ them uniquely.


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