Epicor Crashes when Opening Order Entry

I have an issue that only exists in my Pilot app server.
When I try to open order entry, the boxes come up that it’s pulling from the server and caching, but when it gets to “Loading Layout”, it stops and then Epicor crashes.


I’ve purged my personalizations.
I have cleared my cache.
I have deleted the folder at C:\ProgramData\Epicor
I have deleted all of the scripting out of the customization using Customization Maintenance, but it still fails.
It was working before I was in there and did a “Save Layouts”.
Base Only works.

Any ideas?

Try opening the customization in Customization Maintenance and then Actions --> Verify Customization.

That crashes it too.

Maybe some bad XML related to controls in the customization

Hmmm, well, good thing it was in my dev environment.
I deleted the customization, imported the one from live, and rebuilt the delta customizations.
Seems okay now…