Epicor Data Discovery Shows no data

I am trying to get EDD to work in our test environment. I have EDD installed, go into Active Home Page and select a layout to apply, but i get no information in the tiles.

If i choose edit there are new views showing the in the drop down.
If i go to to app server config and click on the URL it gives me a website that says data discovery but no other data.

What version are you on? I believe you can only have it deployed on one server at a time (if deployed on test, turn off on live).

We are on I don’t have it on live yet. I wanted to test it first.

I have the url working, but it will not accept the credentials i put in the admin account section of the data discovery tab in app server config.

Have you made any progress on this? I’m able to create my own views and add them to the home screen, but it seems the default views (all the ones used by the pre-configured layouts) are missing.

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