Epicor ECC Express

Looks like Epicor launched ECC Express yesterday. Is this a hosted Magento service with the ECC extensions installed?


It looks like they are having a webinar today to go over it if anyone is interested: https://go.epicor.com/ERPA-USCAN-WC-ECCExpress-Q3FY20-MFG_01RegistrationPage.html

I’m sure. That’s their normal platform. Magento hosted in Azure with their plugin installed. We have it.

@chaddb You already have it hosted by Epicor?

ECC, Yes. Not this new ECC Expres thing they are talking about. But I’m betting it’s the same thing as their hosted ECC they offer now. With the ECC package we have it’s a basic sync. Does not do the e-comm ordering out of the box. You have to pay Epicor or a partner to wire it all up. I’m guessing with this express thing they do all that for one “low” price :wink:

@chaddb Can you install Magento extensions or manage the install at all? I am really curious who is managing all of these hosted services and how they are doing it?

Epicor has an ECC hosting team that does the management. It’s all hosted in Azure and you get a dedicated virtual instance from what I can tell. We have dedicated IPs for both a test and prod environment that we map custom domains to. You can’t install your own extensions but you can request extensions and they will install them. They’ve never said no to a plugin I wanted installed. The ECC team has been pretty free with allowing us to customize the environments. They’ve even allowed us to use our own SMTP server and SSL Cert.

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