Epicor ERP version

We are currently on 10.2.400.14 and thinking about upgrading. I think the latest version is 10.2.600.0 (correct me if I’m wrong).

I would love to get some advice on whether we should go to the latest release or something in-between where we are and the latest release.

Either way we would upgrade our Test environment and do as much testing as we feasibly can before upgrading the Live environment. We have about a million customizations and obviously we can’t test everything before upgrading the Live environment :sweat_smile:

Thanks for any advice you have to offer.

If you literally have “about a million customizations” I’d be REALLY CAREFUL and make SURE you test everything out in a TEST or PILOT environment. Epicor is moving swiftly to the Kinetic interface (web/browser based), where precious few (if any) of your customizations will work. All of the “fat client” programs are still there, but Epicor is really making the Kinetic stuff front and center.

You are correct, 10.2.600 is the current release level, but 10.2.700 is probably less than a couple of months away.

If you’re going to upgrade, it is best to upgrade to the most current.

700 will be out in October I would sit tight for that and give it about 3-4 patches and go live on that. We went from 200 to 600 not to long ago and had little trouble with the upgrade. Mind you I do a ton of customizations, BPMs and some not so kosher stuff and it still worked out fine. The only trip ups I had was bug related nothing with customization uplifts.


When I say little trouble let me quantify it: that’s 126 customization, 46 dashboards, and 88 Bpms and I had 10 hours of time invested in uplift issues.


Thanks for the advice guys. We have decided to wait until the end of the fiscal year and until 700 has been patched a few times before moving forward.

When we start the upgrade process, we’ll test as much as we can in our Test environment before upgrading our Live environment. I was able to get a more specific number for how many customizations we have: 157 customizations, 66 dashboards, 50 BPMs, 158 custom BAQ reports. We’ll just have to see what works and what breaks.

I would expect to have the most amount of work in customizations and the least in BAQ Reports but coming from 400 I wouldn’t expect much in the way of issues. Good luck!

When you say you had 10 hours of time invested in uplift issues, what sort of issues did you see? Was this in the uplift process itself and not with the updated environment?
We may patch up to .600 for now and get that behind us.

It was honestly mostly old bad code of my own still from 9 that Epicor is starting to throw warnings and exceptions on. The only area that Epicor really broke me on is BAQs that we use reflection to run, and stuff in the Inventory Movements area because they are implementing PCID everywhere