Epicor HR module or other?

What do you all use for HR software? Integrated with Epicor or no? Right now we are kind of scraping by with paper and some excel sheets but it would be nice to have some proper software that kept track of accruals, etc. We are looking at Epicors offering but gosh is it pricey. And it seems like I’ve seen some posts on here that it doesn’t get much development?

We use Paycom, but switching to Paylocity soon. No integration with Epicor. We do use the same employee id#s between both systems.


We are also moving to Paylocity from an on-prem time and attendance software from the '90s. We will be using a time file export from Paylocity to update Labor Header clock in and clock out times and to automatically clock employees out at the end of the day. We’ll also be using Paylocity’s API to add piece rate earnings for direct labor employees since they report production in Epicor.

There are future plans to tie in employee onboarding in Paylocity with automatically creating/updating employee records in Epicor as well.

ADP, Kronos, Ceridian Dayforce, Workday. All of them worked much better than Epicors offerings. Epicor is limited, I wont get into details but you can easily send XML, Punches what not to any 3rd party.

Lets say you want to acrue Vacation days every pay period give someone 2.0hrs and allow them to go into negative or handle approvals, retro pay whatever… All those 3rd parties do a good job.


That sounds cool! I’m curious how it’ll work out.

@TerryR - Can you share the reason for changing from Paycom to Paylocity? We moved to Paycom 2 years ago (from ADP, IIRC)…

So do your employees clock into epicor every morning and then walk out when they are done and then you handle the rest?

At the beginning of the shift, employees:

  1. Walk in the door, punching in at the hand scanner as they walk in the building. (currently Genesis, moving this to Paylocity)
  2. Put items away in the break room/locker rooms. Get changed into uniforms.
  3. Go to a start-of-shift Kata meeting to talk about the previous day’s performance, what they ran into, help they need today, etc. and get new jobs assigned if they aren’t continuing from the previous day.
  4. Log into MES, start activity on their jobs.

During the day, employees use MES to record production, request material, etc. as needed.

At the end of the shift, they:

  1. End Activity on their job. Report production, print tickets, etc.
  2. Log out (not clock out) of MES so the next user can use the station. (All LaborDtl records are closed but their LaborHed for the day remains active)
  3. Change, get their things, and punch out at the hand scanner as they leave the building.

We have a Service Connect workflow - soon to be upgraded to a scheduled Epicor Function - that reads Genesis data and once it detects a punch in and punch out for the day, it calculates the employee’s in and out time and pay hours and then updates the LaborHed record for that employee on that date, including marking the LaborHed record as not active. This way, the employee just has to make sure they punch in and out correctly and MES should be ready the next day for them to log in and start activity on the new payroll date.

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Punching in is clocking in but punching out for you is logging out right? That’s what you mean by “punch out” in the quote above?

I edited to make it a bit more clear. When I say “punch in/out”, I mean at the hand scanner/time clock kiosk.

Overall, employees will:

  1. Punch in at the hand scanner
  2. Log into MES
  3. Start Activity on jobs
  4. End Activity on jobs
  5. Log out of MES (they do not have access to the “Clock Out” button in MES)
  6. Punch out at the hand scanner.
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Are steps 1. and 6. interacting with Epicor or your payroll system?

Of those which would be the smartest to look at if $$ is what is giving us the most problem right now? I looks like even what Epicor offers might be enough features but price is not in the right ball park…

No integration with Epicor? You don’t clock into jobs at all then?


His target just lost Terry’s Company’s business… :thinking:

It’s like, I don’t know, shipping $1M/month. :wink:

So far both the options we’ve been quoted are above $900 a month and many times that to install. We were looking for something less than $200 a month if possible. Is that unrealistic or are we just looking at the wrong products ?