Epicor Installation - Installer sees directory it created but Admin can't see it via Explorer or Command prompt

I’ve installed Epicor 10 probably 30 times and it’s always pretty simple, and but yesterday ran into the strangest issue. The install completed with out errors, but there was no c:\epicor\ directory where I installed it and no desktop shortcuts(I asked to create them). So I figured whatever I’ll just do it again, and this time Epicor complained c:\epicor\ already existed, so I told it to install in c:\epicor2\ and what do you know exact same problem - installer finished with out errors but windows explorer and command prompt run as an Administrator showed no evidence of c:\epicor or c:\epicor2 existing. Even odder I started up the installer a third time and this time browsed for the installation location and what do you know the installer sees c:\epicor\ and c:\epicor2. I totally stumped, and of course this is on the owners laptop and she is out of state and needing Epicor installed yesterday… Anyone have any ideas as I’m totally spinning my wheels at this point.

These are shots in the dark…

Take a look at the folder view tab. There is a checkbox for Show/hide hidden items, make sure it is checked. The epicor folder should not be hidden, but you never know.

Make sure you are installing in administrator mode.

Look out for cloud issues. Maybe there is a OneDrive, or DropBox automatically rearranging your files.

Check out the Windows Virtual Store directory.

Look out for network links, shortcuts, or folders pointing to the wrong place.

Make sure you download the latest installer from Epicor.

Sorry I don’t have the magic bullet. These are just some ideas to check. Good luck!

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I would just take the install directory from another machine and copy it. We do all of ours this way and then just add the shortcuts to the desktop.


Probably not happening here but I have seen that kind of thing with MSIX installed apps. MSIX installed apps run in a sandbox and will virtualise folders so the app can see them but the user cant.

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