Epicor Inventory Opening Balances

Does Epicor store starting opening Inventory quantity values in a table? Can someone assist in pointing me to that table or tables?

This might be valuable to assisting in reviewing data for reporting.


You will be able to find the first transaction of any part in “parttran” table. (all part transaction details are stored here)
There is no separate table which holds the opening balance…

All the parts uploaded will have transaction Type as ADJ-QTY and there will be tran quantity date as well. This date and transaction type can be used in BAQ to find out the qty provided in OB

Thanks Prash12. This is helpful. I trying to see how I might be able to determine the starting balance for a period: a month or a week or any selectable option.

QOH isn’t stored anywhere (well it kind of is in PartBin, but that’s not the official. QOH).

QOH is derived from the sum of all parttran records.

The Stock Status Report will.tell.you the QOH at the end of a specific date. It will also give you a value for the inventory. But that’s not guaranteed to be accurate. SSR will use the current cost, not the coat on the date selected.