Epicor Invoices

I hope it isn’t just me but does anyone else ever have issues where the invoices from Epicor for their services and licenses are not correct?

It seems like every year when I get them, I go through them line by line and there are always 1 to 4 new items that are on there that should not be. I contact our CAM, ask what they are, and then ask they be removed when I find out they are for something we don’t have or didn’t sign up for. No one ever knows how they ended up on our invoice.

So strange and a waste of time. This year’s additions have to do with “SQL Replication” and “Epicor Enterprise Edition Language Spanish”. We didn’t add them and they were not on the last 2 years worth of invoices.

That’s crazy. It never ends!

Every year I check it line by line. So far I haven’t experienced anything like this. I did have a couple I questioned, but I forgot we had purchased additional modules :rofl:

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Got confirmation from Epicor yesterday that those line items and a couple of invoices were never meant for us. They were supposed to be added for a different company whose name is similar to ours. :scream:

Not sure how that can happen or what the relationship is with a license file being generated. There is potential for something to really get messed up.

Our last invoice was off by five figures (on a bill that maybe just hit six figures). Errors of every kind. Duplicates, incorrect codes, charged for now-free items, missing charges, wrong amounts, etc. And the “corrected” invoice still had problems, but they were entirely new problems not found on the original invoice.

The only bills I’ve ever seen that came anywhere close to this bad involved healthcare+insurance. I will say Epicor makes you jump through far fewer hoops to get things trued up than healthcare, even if it takes a few rounds. I actually give credit for that to our current CAM, who is far more responsive than his predecessors.

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@jdewitt6029 you are not alone!

It is what it is I guess. At least I know I am not the only one that deals with billing issues with Epicor.

I got a response on a few of our line items that appeared and they said the line item descriptions changed. This is what they said the lines on the left were changed to on the right.

The first item I understand but the other two make no sense.