Epicor Kinetic and Autodesk Vault Pro

Just curious if anyone is using Autodesk Vault Pro with their Epicor Kinetic ERP server? We’re looking at moving our ERP to the cloud, but would like to confirm there are no issues with our Vault Pro server communicating with the Kinetic cloud server. We’re planning on using the CADLink connector to provide the connectivity between Kinetic and Vault Pro. We’d like to be able to transfer items and BOM’s for released drawings from Vault Pro to Kinetic. Anyone have any insights regarding this? Your input is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

it appears that Vault Pro has a Rest API… I know that Kinetic Cloud also supports Rest APIs as well… so there is a good case to state that via the Rest APIs, you should be able to communicate between the two systems.

We are using CADLink with our on-prem Vault server. We have our Epicor 10.2.700 server on a hybrid cloud at a hosting provider so not necessarily the Epicor Cloud.
We are just working on an issue where the UOM in the Item master in Vault is not being referenced but otherwise this works well.
We have found Qbuild to quite responsive so they will work around any issues you may find on the Epicor Cloud but I suspect they have already resolved them.