Epicor Knowledge Mentor - UE_TRAINER_NOT_FOUND

We recently installed EKM Manager on a server so we could begin recording content and building a library so users can run through training in a browser however whenever we publish content to the workarea and try to access the Start Link of any item we get a 400 UE_TRAINER_NOT_FOUND error, hoping that someone else has come across this before and can provide some insight, is what we’re trying to achieve here even possible in EKM Manager / Collaborator?

Have already logged a ticket with Epicor support for more information but don’t expect anything back.

I havent used it in a while but I know @chaddb uses it currently.

I recall having issues with EKM. Support was super limited and slow. We built out an entire catalog of content and ended up never really using it. There’s also a security issue with it that I would have to go back and look at the alert we received from Support. We opted to drop the module. I’m looking at using Microsoft Stream instead for video content as it can do similar features and then is hosted from Sharepoint.

Is the content published? Learners can only view published training. If you create it as a author but then don’t publish they will get that error.

Thanks for the comments, the content was published but still getting the same error, I have been able to resolve this issue via the following:

  1. Select the Workarea from the tree view in the Producer application
  2. Run Server Workarea > Save All Objects to Server from the top menu bar

This saves a copy of the local resources / trainers used onto the server, content can now actually be played back and run through from the Collaborator server.

I thought you got an error when you published if the local objects weren’t saved to server. But that makes sense. Glad you got it figured out.