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I recently took on a new role that moves me beyond just Epicor customization/development work. I am very familiar with the technical side of Epicor, but I want to become more well-rounded when it comes to knowledge of ERP10 as a whole so I can speak intelligently with the subject-matter experts from each department, and answer questions as they come up.

I know my way around the application and have quite a bit of experience with engineering-related areas like parts, BOMs, UOMs, etc. but I know I need to learn a lot about other areas like finance, supply chain, manufacturing.

Do you have recommendations for resources outside of the documentation or built-in help?


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I buy SAP Books on Amazon there are 100s and then I translate that into Epicor… :slight_smile: They are well written, with charts, graphs – of course slightly different in Epicor; but the “business process” is pretty much the same.



If your company has the education license the ELC has some good topics. Not everything, but it helps you get an understanding of things how they work out of the box.

If you have the education licence you also get access to all the course work, in online and printed form (albeit you need to print it yourself). You also get the Delta courses there also.

Apologies if you already knew that.

And for the Accounting side of things I fall back to my crusty Second Australian Edition: Principles of Accounting by Gaffkin, Walenback, Dittrich, Hanson. Dry as the Simpson Desert, but a useful fall back even after all these years. Doesn’t cover Red Storno, but hey, you can’t get everything.
MS covers that here…

If I really want to get into the finance side of things. I pop down to the Op Shop and grab a brown corduroy jacket with leather patches on the elbows :slight_smile:


For well-roundedness, I would recommend basic accounting (assets, liabilities,retained earnings, debits, credits, absorption). It will make you better all around and just not at work. I would also recommend reading The Goal to learn about the Theory of Constraints and the dangers of local optimization vs the flow of the entire organization. I’ve found value mapping and user story mapping useful when looking at entire systems (but watch out for local optimizations!)

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Is that what they call “We’ve Always done it that way, can we make Epicor do that?” Syndrome?

It sure can be but it’s usually comes out as “That’s too much work for us” where if you spent more 5 minutes up front you save hours/days later for the entire system. Not that I see that very often… :thinking:

Of course, the trick is to evolve to better ways and not fall prey to perfectionism either!

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Er I should have said…“We’ve Always done it that way, can YOU make Epicor do that, just like it does on the old system?” :frowning:


Interesting, any you specifically recommend?

That is an interesting approach. I studied SAP throughout college and you are spot on when you say they do a great job with their material. It does transfer if you think about it.


Here is a good basic overview one:


Another one we drew alot of inspiration from and built our environments with similar naming conventions is the SAP PM Book:

Definitely alot of great naming convention practices can be extracted from them.


Integrated Business Processes with ERP systems is a classic.

I’ve really benefited from APICS training (just changed their name to ASCM). They offer short workshops and full blown certifications. It’s ERP system neutral, but you’d recognize a lot of the terms from Epicor tech experience (e.g. planning horizon, time fences, dependent versus independent demand, etc.). I’d check out their website and see if there is a workshop near you - https://www.ascm.org/
Good luck!