Epicor License update

Afternoon Everyone,

I recently started working at a new company and they are using Epicor 10 on prem. My manager purchased two licenses for Epicor and needs the licenses integrated with our system. Anyone have any safe instructions on doing so? for reference its an LIC file extension.

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Hello, take a look the implementation or administration guide.I believe it is in there. Some around Adding a new company, if not it will be help.

Going from memory here

Basically using the admin tool, right click on the app server select licencing, right mouse add licence key, select the key file, then once imported you need to activate it, enable the new modules and then make sure you add each company from the company tab as well. Like I said this is from memory.

Hope it helps.

Picts to support @Hally 's post


Double clicking the Installation name will give you:


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ah, page 50-52 in the System Administrator guide. Didn’t even know this .pdf exsisted.

Thanks again for the help!

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