Epicor login control

Hello Everyone,

My Epicor system has issues on occasion and requires that I reboot the server or work on the database. My problem is with users that don’t read my e-mails and login into the system when I am working on the system.

Is there an easy way to lock the users out of Epicor?

I was thinking to create a updatable dashboard and remove the domain from the user profile to disable and put it back to enable.

I would appreciate any ideas to accomplish this.

Thanks in advance.

Miguel Lopez

I’m not sure how different it is in Epicor 9 vs Epicor 10, but if you open the Epicor Administration Console on the server and right-click on the application server instance you want to lock users out of, there should be an option named “Lock Server.” This will prevent users from logging in.

The question then becomes what if he reboots the IIS Server, his clients will merely throw exceptions, almost like he needs a new shortcut MyProxyEpicor.exe that launches Epicor.exe and if he is doing maintenance MyProxyEpicor.exe checks some database :slight_smile:

I would focus on upgrading from E9 to E10 instead :slight_smile: didnt E9 already get hit with EndOfLife?

You could use DMT to Enable /Disable all users…


Hello Tyler,

Epicor 9 doesn’t have this option. I guess until we E10 or E11. I will make do.


If you do not need to be logged into Epicor to do you work, you would just stop the AppPool in Progress OpenEdge.
Many of the DB tools for Progress do not use the Epicor AppPool but interact with the DB directly.
Otherwise, I say use DMT to enable Disable the users, which is what I’ve done in the past.
Run a BAQ for all the active Users (per the required fields from the DMT Template, plus include the ‘UserDisabled’ field) and export that to Excel and save it as Active Users.
Then change the UserDisabled field for all the users to ‘False’ and save as ‘Inactivate Users.’
Run the Inactivate Users via DMT as Update and when you are done then run the ‘ActiveUsers’ file to enable their accounts again.

(DMT is/was available for Epicor 9)

Can this be done using an UBAQ and not DMT?

It may be able to do that. Give it a shot.