Epicor Manifest Report

I get the following error when trying to view the Manifest reports (located on server in C:\Program Files (x86)\Insite Software\InsiteShipPrintMonitorService\Reports)


Is there like an original report where I can re-save it with the save data option selected, or am I SOL here? I basically just want to access the BOL_VICS.rpt file and print it off (I’ll also need to edit the formatting in the future…)

Our Epicor consultant said it’s possible to edit these ‘default’ reports but I can’t seem to find a way how

Any ideas?

All of ours are found under C:\ManifestReports. I am not sure if it can be different or not.

Yea they’re the same (I got the same error when trying to open any of the reports in C:\Manifest\Reports) -

That error makes it look like its trying to open in Crystal Viewer and not Crystal Designer.