Epicor & NAFTA

Does anyone have experience of adhering to NAFTA regulations and what they’ve done/used with Epicor?

We have a Mexico plant and deal with the border crossing details several times daily. I don’t know a lot about the details myself. I know that our engineering team is currently working through the customs data with our Mexican maquiladora partner. We do have the HTS codes loaded by part number.

We have to abide by NAFTA regulations. But I’m not that close to the process so I can’t really speak to it. We use Quick Ship (formerly Manifest) with E10. I do know that it’s not a great process due to some limitations in E10/Quick Ship.

Thanks @bboes & @chaddb.


On the whole the software doesn’t seem to be setup to capture much. We are not using Quickship but for what I can see in the DB there is not a lot.