Epicor Proctored Exams

Well, I get the rationale, but still the same poorly worded, and irrelevant questions.

What is the exact name of the panel in Report Builder with DataSource properties? Who gives a shit, but I can get you there in two shakes. What named panel is just above the LINK icon in BAQ designer? Who cares - but the fact you know what it looks like and what it does is the important thing.

Also, why the Tools cert has about 25% about Epicor Social is beyond me. I have dealt with a hundred customers - 1 had ESE…

I feel like the exam is more about memorization of stuff vs actual operational knowledge. That is all.

PS - You have to use a special browser that spies on your OS to check for open programs, multiple monitors, etc. You are monitored via audio\video for the whole duration and you have to have valid government ID.


Don’t. Get. Me. Started.


We kind of already knew you were a certified Tool…Manager. :rofl:

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