Epicor Sit and Spin

Have one user who received a new computer, Windows 10, and Epicor just sits and spins and will not allow any changes to be made. I have cleared client cache and reinstalled Epicor, same issues. Ideas??

Is it trying to log in or is it all screens?

When openig up, but it will after an extended time. When it does open up, these are the specific places this user is having issues. When saving to Customer Maint and using AR Invoice.

Try having the user log into Epicor on another machine. If it is faster, then you know their computer is the problem. If it is still slow, then their account may have some issues (Like CRM?).

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We restarted the server and that seemed to fix the issue. But it did show us we had an issue on the server as an error came up for the RAID.

Yikes. Those always made my heart pound a little harder…