Epicor text field - limit to values

Hello everyone,

when we moved to 10.2.200 there are new Part attribute fields available to us for Commercial branding, categories, etc. These are interesting to us and we would like to use them, but we need to limit the freeform entry field and only allow certain values.

I am looking for suggestions on the easiest way to do this. I seems like I need to add my own EpiComboBox screen field with the drop down values we want and then bind it to one of these Epicor fields?

I looked at Extended properties for these fields and nothing made sense there to use for this purpose.

I just don’t want to make this harder than it should be.



Dropdown control yes, and use the limit to list functionality of a standard windows form dropdown.

Check out User Codes in System Maintenance. You can create and edit the codes you want to use there and then bind to the field for use in the drop down.

Thanks for the responses.

Looking at 10.2.500, doesn’t look like Epicor has changed anything for these fields as of yet.
Here is how I would do it:

  1. Create two User Code Types, Brand & Sub Brand
  2. Add all the entries you need for each.
  3. Add an epiCombo and set it up to look at your User Codes: