Epicor UI Customization Not Remember / Respecting the Controls Size and Positions

Finally a question that isn’t code related. :wink:

I go in and edit our Sales Order Entry UI and position the comment boxes very nicely, hit save, close and reopen the UI, and the comment boxes are messed up. I edit the layout again, make everything nice, save and reload - comment boxes are messed up again!

Does anyone know why the Epicor UI Customization refuses to remember their settings?

Anyone know how to stop them from moving in the UI once set in a certain position?


:nauseated_face::face_vomiting:Ugh reading your post gave me flashbacks to all the customization that have went berserk on me… Sometimes you can fix issues by going through the custom XML, but I have got some so f’ed up that I had to start over.

Probably the anchors that are messed up, those tend to give me a lot of trouble.

(Be very careful, if you add a control at run time and start changing things with the property window, etc strange stuff can happen)

Ahhhh!! The anchors!! That was it - thank you!!

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Glad you were able to fix it.

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