Epicor Webinars

Just got an email from EpicCare Support about December Webinars by Epicor. Four sessions listed:

  • Financial - Getting Ready for Year End Session 1 (12/11/2020)

  • Financial - Getting Ready for Year End Session 2 (12/15/2020)

  • On-Premises Technical Tips and Tricks (12/15/2020)
    In this meeting we’ll be covering in more detail:
    • Index Maintenance
    • Performance Diagnostic Tool (PDT)
    • ConfigCheck
    • DB Health Check
    • Data Fixes from Support

  • Manufacturing - Getting Ready for Year End (12/17/2020)

Are these free? I don’t want to register for one and then end up getting a bill for it.

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I did register yesterday… thinking they were free !!! No mention of any fees on the email…



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If they’re the same type of webinar that Epicor holds for other topics (the Kinetic in 11.1.100 webinar a couple of weeks ago) then it should be free. I’ve registered for a few over the past year and haven’t gotten billed yet.


They are free. I registered as did several others here.

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Thanks all - It’s just that someone signed up for some online training once, and it turned out to be a billable course. This was probably 5 or more years ago…

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