Epicor yearly Maintenance and current Vantage Versi on

One thing to keep in mind is that should you ever decide to add modules to
your system you can not do this unless you are on maintenance. We learned
this shortly after we opted out of maintenance. Good luck

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We recently received our yearly maintenance renewal and experienced the
usual sticker shock. This is immediately followed by the question of
whether or not maintenance is worth the price. We have a very limited
number of issues a year. So a large upfront cost seems excessive. We
are aware that we would be excluding ourselves from updates and future
versions. We will most likely never go to V8 so; we won't need to hold
on to maintenance for that reason.

How many have chosen to go without the yearly maintenance option and
rely on the pay per incident option?

We are currently on 6.1.526 and will be moving to 536 shortly. Has
anyone had any issues with that version?


Matt Sturm
IT Administrator
Winona Lighting

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