EpiEOBrowser.exe error after Windows 10 Update

So apparently my laptop did a Windows 10 update to version 20H2 (?) over the weekend and now I get an error whenever I open Epicor 10. EpiEOBrowser-error
After clicking OK E10 opens but all kinetic screens return another error. Clicking cancel attempts to load Visiual Studio debugger (which isn’t installed).
We are running 10.2.600 on premises. I’ve never had this error before.
Is anyone else seeing this?

Make sure that EpiEOBrowser.exe isn’t being hammered by your AntiMalware.


Thanks. We looked but don’t see any instance of our AntiMalware blocking it. We use TrendMicro.
We think it might be caused by one of these Windows 10 updates, KB4589212, KB4601554 or KB5000802.
I’ve put in a support call and am rolling back the updates one at a time.