EpiUltraGrid Filters on BAQDataview

I have an EpiUltraGrid bound to a BAQDataview. The filter buttons are being added upon load. Is there a way to hide/deactivate these?


I have used this bit of code in the past to help customize my grids:

// Change Grid appearance properties
String myRef ="724d4f74-671e-4121-a733-bc073bdb144d"; // swap out for your ref#
EpiUltraGrid mesGrid;		
mesGrid = (EpiUltraGrid)csm.GetNativeControlReference(myRef);
mesGrid.DisplayLayout.Override.AllowRowFiltering = DefaultableBoolean.False;

Hope it helps you too!


Perfect. That’s what I needed.

Just for reference, I added using Infragistics.Win; to gain access to DefaultableBoolean

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Great point! I am curious how you know which usings to add. I never can tell.

Just Trial and Error in my experience. In this instance I received an error telling me that DeafaultableBoolean was not a valid data type. Google search for DefaultableBoolean led me to Infragistics.Win.DefaultableBoolean