ERP 9 BAQ PartQty Table

I am working on someone else’s BAQ which uses the PartQty table. I’ve never used that table before, but the onhand qty does not match what we have onhand. Is this table legit/reliable?

It a summary table and it is not uncommon for it to get out of sync.
When it’s not matching actuals, I usually run conversion 6430 (off hours)

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I just did a test and the PartQty matches the Sum of PartWhse as well as PartQty. I recently found this partqty table and I like it because in E9, totaling the PartWhse crashed when I run a simple query using Summarize and Total(PartWhse.OnhandQty). This PartQty table will make my job a lot easier.

I have seen where they don’t match in the past and that bothers me - providing bogus information to my clients.

Does anybody know if I can schedule the 6430 conversion to run automatically?